I am unable to download or edit recipes from the IKAWA Coffee library

Troubleshooting for when recipes are not working from the IKAWA Coffee library
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From time to time you may find you are unable to use recommended recipes from our coffee library, either because the coffee won't load to your library or because you are unable to tap on the recommended recipes for filter or espresso. A similar bug may present itself when trying to edit recipes from the IKAWA coffee library. 

This issue is caused either by the amount of data already on your app (and even device) or by a database issue on our end.

*Fast resolution: follow the below link to download our recommended recipes using our legacy profiles: https://ikawahome.com/pages/ikawa-home-recipe-library-app-android-reference

To help get you roasting, please follow all or some of the below steps:

1. Try waiting for a short period of time, sometimes there can be a lag especially when a coffee has recently been added. 

2. Delete any coffees from your library that you no longer use to free up data space within your app. Similar to this, if the device you are using does not have much free data, please try to free up some space to see if this helps.

3. Log out and log in again or delete and reinstall the app.

In cases where none of these steps work please use IKAWA's recommended recipes on this page: https://ikawahome.com/pages/ikawa-home-recipe-library-app-android-reference and reach out to hereforyou@ikawacoffee.com to let us know about the specific issue you are facing.


UPDATE: 26th October, 2022

Issues created by Al Qafr, Yemen and San Lorenzo, Colombia have been remedied. 

To access any new coffee data, log out of the app and log back in. Upon login, the iOS app will pull any new data to your device. After all of the coffee data loads to your device, both Al Qafr, Yemen and San Lorenzo, Colombia should be visible in the 'Add IKAWA Coffee' Section of the app and should be available to add to your own coffee library.

If you do encounter any further issues with San Lorenzo, Colombia - please use the recommended recipes on the library url above but also reach out to us by emailing hereforyou@ikawacoffee.com and we can look at what may be causing the issue for you. 

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