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Top Questions

Here you can find our top five most asked questions. You can also use the search bar.

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Order Help

Everything you need to know about placing an order, tracking and taxes and duties.

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Green Coffee

How we source our coffee, the different processing methods and how to roast non-IKAWA Coffee.

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All the info you need to get the results you want.

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Technical information

All you need to know about the technical specifications of the IKAWA Home Roaster

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Getting Started

Is the IKAWA Home for you, how to connect and what is in the box.

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IKAWA Perks and Credits

Our rewards programme

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App Support

Account information, troubleshooting and device specifications

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Technical Support

Technical troubleshooting and support

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Warranty and Repair

What is included in our warranty and what to do if you need a repair.

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Tips and Tricks

From our team and coffee experts.

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