I have encountered an app bug

How can I resolve an app issue?
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Updated 2 years ago

If you have encountered an app issue it is most likely a one-off. We have found that the best way to solve these issues is the classic 'turn it off/on again' method (seemingly simplistic but surprisingly effective!) 

Log out of your account 

Uninstall the app 

Turn off your device 

Turn on your device 

Re-install the app 

Log into the app. 

(The classic turn it off/on again seems simplistic but remains surprisingly effective!) 

If you are logged into two devices then log out of both devices. 

Android and iOS cloud databases are currently stored in separate platforms so you will not able to see your full library across the different device types. You can share recipes between the two devices on the same account by selecting share, and sending via message, WhatsApp or email. 

If this does not resolve your issue then email hereforyou@ikawacoffee.com. Include your app log in email address, device type and os, screen recordings and screenshots to help us come to a quick diagnosis.


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