Lagging or delays in the IKAWA Home app

Some tips to alleviate any lagging or delays within the IKAWA Home app.
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Updated 10 months ago

Lagging and delay issues seem to pop up once there is over a certain amount of data against a user's app account. Here are a couple of tips that have helped to alleviate lagging issues in the meantime. 

1. Uninstall and reinstall the IKAWA Home app- this clears the cache on your device which will aid the app in operating more smoothly.

2. Logging in and out of the IKAWA Home app after every roasting session- this helps to push your new data to our database and helps the app run more efficiently.

3. Close other apps that rely on location services or Bluetooth while using the IKAWA Home App. Location services and Bluetooth can use up quite a lot of data if lots of programs are using them at the same time. Since the IKAWA Home app also uses Location services and Bluetooth, this can create a bit of delay in actions on the IKAWA Home app as well. 

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