What is the app subscription?

FAQ - And why we believe you don't need it.
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There is a paid-for subscription within the App that unlocks roast curve editing - we now call the advanced editor. It will be automatically unlocked and free for all existing 50g Home Roaster users as it has been the primary way to customise recipes before this new update. The new primary way to edit roast recipes has changed with Home Roaster v2, from direct curve editing to the two new controls. New Home Roaster v2 customers who want to use the advanced editor will have to pay a monthly fee in-app (£4.99/m). We believe this new and improved roast editor will give home customers the best chance of achieving their desired roast preference. This in-app paid feature is not in conjunction with any other subscription IKAWA Home offers. 

Why have we added this feature?

To offer some insight into why we have introduced this feature. 

We have undergone a huge amount of user research for this latest update and we found that the graph (advanced editing/paid for feature) was a huge cause of frustration where users were not able to successfully get the results they were after. I know it may seem like a limitation - however, we have found that it is now possible to have a better view of the outcome and get great results every time with over 380 recipes within the app. Something that is not possible to do with any other roaster!  I would recommend learning as much as possible about the coffee roasting process with us as your guide, reading all the information within the app, the coffees, why a recipe looks the way it does and our amazing producers.

The graph meant that lots of our users became very disheartened right at the start of their roasting journey as they were unable to get good results or to understand how they were able to impact the outcome. 

We fully believe that you can get the very best results if you do not get the results you like then we will buy the roaster back from you within 30-days.

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