Is the IKAWA Home right for me?

A comparison of IKAWA Home and IKAWA For Professionals
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The IKAWA for domestic use is great and allows you to roast some amazing coffee conveniently within your home. 
Our IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roasting System is great if you have a real passion for brewing, drinking and now roasting coffee conveniently, in the comfort of your own home. It's for those that enjoy a great brew and love to know all of the finer points of how that coffee is processed and eventually ends up in the bottom of your cup. It, in essence, gives you full control over what you're drinking. You'll no longer be of relying on other beans and their roast profiles, you can control every bean you roast to your preference. Simply choose your bean, the flavours you would like to enjoy, the recipe and press go. If you've got an espresso machine, burr grinder, pour-over kits and alike on your counter, a home roaster is the only thing missing to have the ultimate set-up - or at least we like to think so!

In terms of the IKAWA Home Roasting System and the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster, both have very different purposes. If you currently work within the coffee industry or are thinking of setting up a start-up roastery then we recommend you speak to our IKAWA for the Professionals Sales team.
As the IKAWA Home is a domestic product, we cannot support usage within a commercial setting. 

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