What can I achieve on the IKAWA Home Roaster?

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Updated 2 years ago

The IKAWA Home Roasting System is designed to help you achieve the freshest coffee, prepared exactly to your liking. This could range anywhere from a filter/drip/pour-over coffee to dark Italian espresso/mocha.

Discover all our recommended roast recipes for filter and espresso using the IKAWA Home App and our curated selection of green beans. We love these roasts, but you’re in control. You can explore and change your roasts by editing roast degrees and development time to automatically generate recipes designed specifically to get the best flavours from your roast preferences and the green beans you are using.

By controlling roasts digitally, you will achieve excellent and consistent roast results time and time again with the roast recipes you have selected. This means your perfect coffee, fresh every single morning!

The IKAWA Home Roasting system works best with our curated selection of green beans. However, you can also add your coffees from elsewhere by selecting its processing method. That allows access to recommended recipes and the ability to change roast degrees and development times using our guided editing flow.

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