What do I get from buying the IKAWA Home Roaster?

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Updated 2 years ago

The IKAWA Home Roasting system allows you to take your coffee to a higher level by putting you in control of how and when your coffee is roasted. Our simple to operate, beautifully designed, countertop roasting machine uses innovative air roasting technology to cleanly and precisely roast fresh and great tasting coffee beans according to how you’ve set up your roast recipe on the IKAWA Home App.

The IKAWA Home App digitally organises, tracks, and controls the Roaster and your roast recipes. Build your unique library of coffees and recipes from our extensive curated range of beans, or add your own beans. Select from our recommended recipes or change how it’s roasted using the extensive selection of recipes available. Learn about where our green beans come from and how each roast has been designed to get the very best results, tailored to your selected preferences.

Getting started is easy with our complimentary Round the World Starter Kit. Sourced and curated by our experienced team, you’ll be ready to quickly and effortlessly enjoy fresh tasting coffee from the word go.

With the IKAWA Home, we believe your experience of preparing coffee will be taken to a higher level as you experiment with the freshest green coffee beans and explore the many ways they can be roasted.

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