Can I roast Non-IKAWA coffee?

FAQ - Have you sourced your own beans?
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 As a Roasting System, IKAWA Home works best with the range of green coffee beans curated by IKAWA. However, you can roast beans from elsewhere.
In the IKAWA Home App, we've made it easier for you to roast beans outside of our range by offering "Add your own" functionality to My Library. Here, you'll be able to name your coffee. By selecting how the coffee has been processed at origin (Washed or Natural), you'll get access to our recommended roast recipes and be able to customise by roast degree and development time, just like the beans supplied by us. Additionally, you can look through the IKAWA Coffee library in the iOS app, and find a coffee that is similar to your own, in either process, origin, variety or elevation to find a recipe to roast your coffee to your liking. We don't want to stop you from seeking alternatives if that's what works best for you. 

We are happy to help you when choosing the recipes that are best for the coffee you have sourced for yourself. As we will not have tried the coffee you have it may be a little trickier for us but we will be able to give you some solid advice. 

We do recommend looking through the existing recipes within the app and our blog posts to build up your roasting knowledge. 

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