My coffee looks weird. Why is that?

Processes, flavour and varieties.
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Updated 2 years ago

Coffee is an organic product and there will be variance from bean to bean, origin to origin and the different processes and different crop years. You can find out more about processing and how it may affect flavour on our blog.

Some processes and varieties will look and smell very different to what you may have seen before and this may be due to experimentation in the process at origin or using hybridisation to create new varieties. A lot of this information is bespoke to the producers and we are not at liberty to divulge that type of information. If you think that your IKAWA Green Coffee is not as described, please email us a photo of the green coffee to us and we will be able to offer some advice.

For us here at IKAWA HQ we find some of these more experimental processes really exciting and we hope you do too! 

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