Why should I use IKAWA green coffee?

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Updated 1 month ago

We at IKAWA are proud of the green coffee beans we provide to our customers. Before they go live on our shop, our in-house team samples and tastes all available options to the highest standards - we are confident that you will enjoy the freshest and best-tasting coffees from around the world.

Alongside our quality guarantee, we ensure that each green coffee is traceable and ethically farmed and sourced. You can read more about each coffee on their respective pages.

Our experienced team creates recommended espresso and filter recipes for all green coffees we offer. We believe that you will be able to enjoy the freshest and best-tasting coffees right out of the bag. Our range is growing; check them out here.

Finally, get rewarded when you buy IKAWA green beans! When you purchase green beans from our coffee shop, you'll receive 10% back in IKAWA Credit which you can use in your next coffee or accessories order. Alternatively, you can save it up for a more substantial spend! Learn more about how IKAWA Credits work here.

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