How does the IKAWA Home handle light and dark roasts?

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Updated 1 year ago

What a great question! The IKAWA Home Roasting System allows you to prepare coffee you can truly call your own, whether a light fruity roast or a dark velvety espresso roast. This is because you will have control over your roast recipes and customise them according to what you like using roast degree (Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Dark, and Dark) and development time (Low, Medium, High).

Once you’ve found a roast recipe you love, our Roaster and digital app work together to ensure precision and consistency so you can enjoy the same roast each time.

We suggest trying out the recommended filter and espresso recipes to start, then tweaking the roast recipes towards what you prefer – a darker roast for intense, velvety tastes or lighter for more lively and juicy bodied flavours. We encourage you to explore what you like and start to master the art of roasting your own coffee.

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