Do I need a pelicase?

How to store your IKAWA Home
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Updated 1 month ago

The short answer is no, you do not need a pelicase for the IKAWA Home roasting system. Excessive movement with your IKAWA Home can result in faults that may require the roaster to be returned to us for repair. It is best kept as stationary as possible as it is not designed for travel. 

The IKAWA Home was designed to be a permanent fixture on your kitchen counter, rather than stored in a box. However, we understand that kitchen counter space can come at a premium and that space is highly valuable. 

To ensure proper storage of your IKAWA Home, please be sure to store in a dry place that is not prone to a lot of temperature variation throughout the day i.e. not an uninsulated attic, damp basement or garage. This place should have a temperature that is between 15˚C and 30˚C and not prone to environmental changes. Minimise moving the IKAWA Home in and out of storage as much as possible. 

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