What is the difference between a Refreshed and Reconditioned IKAWA Home?

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Updated 1 year ago
  • The Refreshed IKAWA Home roasters are ex-Amazon stock of the 50g Home 1.0, in new condition. 
  • The Refreshed IKAWA Home roasters with cosmetic defects are ex-demo stock of the 50g Home 1.0 that have small cosmetic defects, such as small scratches or light staining which do not affect the roaster's performance in any way. 
  • The Reconditioned IKAWA Home roasters are previously owned 50g Home 1.0 roasters that have been reset to factory standards by the production team but may have some cosmetic defects such as staining or scratches that cannot be removed and the cases for the 50g roaster are no longer being produced. The machines have been rebuilt and recalibrated by the production team - cosmetic defects do not affect the performance of reconditioned machines, as the internal components are all new. 

The Home 2.0 , our current model, has a capacity of 100g and is fitted with additional sound dampening inside the case to decrease the decibels during the roasting process as the motor needs to be slightly more powerful (noisier) to move the increased mass in the roaster. Those are available for sale here

The Home 1.0, the model used in the refreshed and reconditioned roasters, has a capacity of 50g. We do not currently have any 100g IKAWA Home that have been reconditioned.

Functionally, both of the IKAWA Home models have the same purpose- make green beans brown, and follow the same roast recipes, have the same bluetooth connection functionality etc. The only difference is the batch size and the Home 2.0 is about 1cm taller than the Home 1.0.

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