My roaster is displaying a blue-white light and my app says 'test mode'

Test mode protocol
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Updated 7 months ago

If you find that your roaster suddenly has a constant blue-white light, your app says 'test mode' and your machine is not reactive to any button pushing, then your roaster has gone into test mode. 

What has happened is that your machine has gone into its default state that it was in before calibration. The settings have been erased from your roaster and you will need to contact to get a resolution. The cause of this test mode issue varies from case to case.

Access to an iOS device is necessary to get a remote resolution, otherwise your roaster will need to return to our workshop for calibration.

When you contact please include the following: 

  • Your serial number
  • Your iOS device model
  • Your OS that the device is running
  • Your firmware (found in settings on your device)
  • The email address used for logging in to the IKAWA Home app
  • Your Apple ID email address
  • Any screenshots or recordings of the issue itself
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