I'm not able to open a newly added roast recipe in my library

Clearing the cache on your device should resolve this issue
Written by IKAWA Home - Here for you
Updated 7 months ago

If you find that you are not able to access (i.e. tap or click to open a recipe) a new roast recipe in a newly added coffee, it may be due to the cache on your device. 

To clear the cache, to allow new data to be pulled to your device from our database, log out of the IKAWA Home app and log back in. This should resolve the issue. 

If you find that logging out and in again did not resolve the issue, then a hard clear of the cache will be necessary. Uninstall the IKAWA Home app and reinstall and log in as normal. 

If you find that neither logging out and logging back in nor reinstalling the app resolved the issue, please email us at hereforyou@ikawacoffee.com so that we can troubleshoot the issue. 

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