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Some of our top picks from the IKAWA Team!
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Jess's Favourite Coffee: Bayford Street Blend

Upon the launch of our new Espresso Blend Packs, IKAWA staff were invited to our Bayford Street HQ to taste each of the Espresso Blend Packs. Jess, Project Manager at IKAWA, says that the Bayford Street blend is 'Fantastic! Smooth and easy to drink. I can't wait to share it with my family.

Matthew's Favourite Coffee

Matthew, a member of the Purchasing team, says that on top of the incredible tasting coffees, he 'feels more connected to the growers, having known their individual names. Seeing their faces elevates the experience of drinking the Honduras Collection coffee'. This collection of coffees was purchased directly from the COMSA cooperative, an organisation that IKAWA has a long-standing relationship with

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Peter's favourite accessory

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The Airscape storage container is Peter, our Production Team Leader's, the first choice for roasted coffee storage. While he enjoys his Airscape, he hopes to add more to his collection soon. His goal is to have a few coffees on the go at a time, to be able to pick which coffee he brews in the morning depending on his mood.

Andrea's Favourite Coffee: Al Qafr, Yemen

Andrea, IKAWA's Logistics Operative, was 'blown away' by the Al Qafr, Yemen the first time that he tasted it. He was so surprised by how different it was from any other coffee he had ever tasted. 

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Emily's Favourite Coffee: Sítio Matinha, Brazil

Emily, IKAWA Home's Manager, is a Brazilian coffee enthusiast. Sítio Matinha, Brazil, a Cup of Excellence coffee, is her favourite at the moment. When roasted for espresso, it is 'a perfect coffee for making flat whites with- the coffee shines through with all the best flavours that you would expect from an exceptional quality Brazilian coffee- Red fruits, vanilla and milk chocolate'.

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