I've broken my jar/glass lid

Some breakages are covered by Warranty, some are not. Find out more below.
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Updated 1 year ago

Some components on the IKAWA Home roasting system are made from borosilicate, hardened and tempered glass. While everything within our power has been done to prevent breakages, sometimes a glass jar may break in transit while your order is being dispatched from our workshop to your home. If your glass jar has broken in transit, please contact hereforyou@ikawacoffee.com to arrange for a replacement to be sent under the warranty. 

Mishandling and wear and tear are not covered by the 1 year warranty. If you break a jar or the glass lid of your roaster by mishandling either component, the replacement will not be covered by the 1 year warranty. You can find replacement jars on our shop at https://ikawahome.com/collections/accessories

If the lid is unusable for any reason, please do email us directly with photos of the damage and your serial number so that we can arrange a replacement lid if it is covered by the warranty or create an order for you to purchase a replacement lid. 

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