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Do you have repair centres internationally? Can I do a self-repair? How much does a repair cost?
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Updated 2 years ago

 Do not attempt to fix or repair the roaster yourself. Our production engineers are highly trained and undergo rigorous training. Attempting to repair the roaster could result in the roaster becoming unsafe and dangerous to use. Attempting to fix the roaster yourself will also void the warranty. 

Our repair and service desk is located at our London Headquarters and workshop. Any repair or service will need to be carried out by our trained technicians. A repair that is not covered by a warranty will range in price depending on which part of the roaster needs repair.

If your roaster is under warranty and you encounter a fault that is not caused by user error then we shall repair or replace your roaster depending on the issue. 

If your roaster needs to be repaired or serviced please contact us via email with your order number, serial number, videos, an explanation of the issue and the events leading up to the event, as soon as possible so we can get you roasting again! 

We aim to get your roaster repaired within 2-3 weeks, with added time for collection and shipping. During busy periods this may be a little longer and you shall be given an estimation of how long we believe the repair will take. 

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