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Some of your options
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We want to make home coffee roasting as accessible as possible and have introduced ways to spread the cost over time.


Available internationally, offering interest-free monthly payment plans. Only available for use with credit cards with an available limit of over £1270 Learn more >

PayPal Credit

Open to all PayPal accounts and interest-free for the first 4 months. Subject to successful application on PayPal’s website. Learn more >

Subscription by IKAWA Home

We’ve introduced the Roaster Subscription for those in the UK and EU to lower the up-front cost of the IKAWA Home Roasting System and make roasting at home more affordable. When you sign up for a 24-month commitment to IKAWA Credit, we’ll give you the roaster for 30% off, lowering the up-front cost. Your monthly subscription payments are converted directly into IKAWA Credit, at the GBP value of your payment, which is yours to spend in the IKAWA Home Shop on green coffee, accessories, and shipping.

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