Will I have to pay additional taxes and duties?

All the regions we currently ship to.
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Updated 2 years ago

Since the UK officially left the EU, a trade agreement has been put in place to establish 0% customs duty when ordering from the UK. However, you will be charged your local VAT rate upon arrival in the EU, and you should factor this in when deciding whether to place an order.

You may be liable for local import duties or taxes when ordering outside of the UK. This is highly dependent on location and local laws, and we recommend you understand the extent of this before placing an order with us.

This is separate from our offer of free shipping. 

Our shipping provider may reach out to you to obtain additional information from you and we recommended doing this as soon as possible to ensure speedy delivery and avoid any additional charges. 

However, if something doesn’t look right please contact us, forwarding any documentation you have received so we can investigate straight away. 

You will not need to pay any duties or fees for any returns after repairs. However, sometimes you may receive an invoice from our shipping provider. If you send us the documentation you receive we can amend this for you.

We are unable to offer support to those who use shipping forwarding companies as we may not have certification for those regions. This means we cannot provide the Certification of Origin with any orders.

We cannot offer a business with invoices as this is a domestic product not intended for use in a commercial or professional setting. 

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